What We Do

Innovation Design Teams

We gather students from across the University to collaborate with industry mentors and go on a journey from problem to prototype. 

Future of Health

2020 Projects

College students need support establishing their mental and physical health so that they can engage in a healthy lifestyle that will set themselves up for academic and personal success during and after the quarantine  [view demo day pitch]

2019 Projects

How might we alleviate the mental stress of people with type 1 diabetes so that they can focus on their daily activities  [view demo day pitch]


Future of Food

2020 Projects

How do you give small restaurant consumers assurance that you are using safe and consistent ingredients in your food [view demo day pitch]

How do you provide at-risk senior citizens with regular access to fresh produce to improve their health [view demo day pitch]

2019 Projects

Busy individuals need a way to conveniently and quickly meal plan without running out of their allocated monthly budget [view demo day pitch]

Future of Retail

The borders between offline retail and e-commerce are disappearing. Leaving what we call seamless commerce. How might we create a seamless customer experience across all channels of industry?


Coming October 30, 2018!


  details coming soon!